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Amadinda Sound System

Traditional Ugandan music mixed with electronic music from Austria. Combining these completely different styles of music is not only a challenge – it is also an exciting adventure for all musicians.

In September 2016 the Ugandan and Austrian musicians Lawrence Okello, Wolfgang Schlögl, Namisango Catherine, Bazibu Micheal, Barca Baxant and Farouque Bukenya met in Kampala to create the unique sound of Amadinda Sound System.

At the Bayimba Festival 2016 in Kampala/Uganda they were going to present their Austrian-Ugandan mash-up for the very first time. 

The musicians had only five days to create a 45 minute set list for the Festival and to create a basis for further collaborations. They met each other for the first time in the studio Crystal Klear in Kampala and they were going right into work with a lot of enthusiasm. Within those days they worked out eight songs and a colourful stage performance. Every musical facet had its part and the musicians were putting traditional Ugandan songs into an electro-pop frame.Instruments like the , Adungu, Mbira und different drums are used. Ugandan melodies got mixed with lyrics from Barca Baxant and Cathrine Namisango teached the Austrian singer some well known traditional Ugandan songs.

In Februar 2017 recordings for a first album where made. Right now the album producition is still going. Stay tuned!

Line Up:
Barča Baxant (Singer, Dancer)
Catherine Namisango (Singer, Dancer)
Farouque Bukenya (Drums, Percussion, Dancer)
Lawrence Okello (Amadinda, Adungu, Singer)
Micheal Bazibu (Percussion, Amadinda, Mbira)
Wolfgang Schlögl (DJ, Producer)