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Syrian Links

© Gerard Spree

kulturen in bewegung initialized this intercultural project, that gathers Syrian artists living in Austria with Austrian artists, in order to foster international artistic exchange. In close cooperation with Syrian artist Salah Ammo, Syrian and Austrian artists will be connected and artistic exchange  encouraged. A synthesis of the arts will arise from the complex interaction of different genres. IN this process kulturen in bewegung holds the role of a coordinator, curator and catalyzer. Results and processes will be presented in several formats and settings on stage.


Despite the creative process Syrian Links also works as an exchange and networking platform for Syrian artists living in exile. Kulturen in bewegung acts as central service point providing contacts and opportunities to perform as well as an interface to the network of the local creative scene. Hence this project follows the aim of integration into national cultural industry. Additionally kulutren in bewegung serves with its communication channels, such as facebook, newsletter and homepage, as a multiplier and mouthpiece to a broad audience.

Art overcomes language barriers, gathers people together and supports exchange between Syrians and Austrians. Different artistic genres mediate the refugees’ experiences in different ways and build by doing so a sound basis for interaction.