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Lalala - Concerts for kids

Hear see and feel the universe of music from the cradle!

Lalala ...... three syllables accompanying us through life
Lalala .. ... .. three syllables - global, immediate, direct, spontaneous, melancholic, sad, sensitive, shouting for joy, rapidly or at a snail's pace.

In 2012 kulturen in bewegung, initiated Lalala a  monthly serie of concerts for kids starting at the age of 3 , which take place on a Sunday afternoon at different venues in the peripheric disctricts of Vienna.

South African Film Festival

Rainbow Memories
17th - 19th March, Votivkino Vienna
This year, as South Africa celebrates 20 years since its first democratic elections in 1994 begins its third decade as a democracy, affords an auspicious moment to “re-view” the country’s past, and re-imagine its future. The struggle for liberation in South Africa from the colonial era, through the rise and fall of apartheid, and up to the present, can be viewed from many perspectives, including those behind the movie camera and on the screen.



Amadinda Uganda

14. April - 10. May 2015, Austria

The Ensemble Amadinda Uganda will perform for the very first time in Europe. The musicians will display the classical court music of the Baganda as well as contemporary compositions. All members of the group are studying and practicing traditional Ugandan music. They are representatives of a living tradition in the villages and carry on the sublime techniques of percussive music within the country.
The concerts will be accompanied by intense workshops at Music Universities and music schools in Vienna, Lower and Upper Austria.



Frühjahr/Sommer 2015, Österreich

A cappella group of five talented, professional young women from Zimbabwe. Traditional Zimbabwean rooted music, Traditional Gospel, Afro-Jazz and Crossover: Heather Dube, Joyline Sibanda, Duduzile Sibanda, Zanele Mahnenga and Thandeka Moyo.  The group is a new generation of young women singers who celebrate and preserve their culture, beauty and heritage through art.