Karen Asatrian

Part I
World premiere of the suite for percussion and piano by Karen Asatrian. The Carinthian-based pianist once again proves to be a skilled juggler between musical worlds. He is joined this time by an equally masterful percussionist. Artashes Sinanyan, who has lived in the U.S. since 1998, is considered the world's only player of vibrodrums (a vibraphone surrounded by a drum and cymbals). This creates an effect where it seems like two musicians are playing at the same time. The exciting duo will be joined that evening by duduk player (dudukman) Emmanuel Hovhannisyan. Also a musician who pays tribute to the rich Armenian musical culture.  Last but not least, he is considered one of the worthy successors of the duduk master Djivan Gasparyan.

Part II
Each musician is also active as a composer. Individual pieces by the various performers are presented in turn. Asatrian proves to be a multi-layered and sensitive jazz improviser and a fixture of the Austrian jazz scene, while Sinanyans compositions focus on the percussive level. In addition, the Caucasus region and the common Armenian musical foundation form the basis for a unique "groovy" listening experience.



Karen Asatrian (Austria) - piano
Artashes Sinanyan (USA) - percussion
Emmanuel Hovhannisyan (Armenien/USA) – duduk

3 Persons on Tour/3 Single Rooms