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Festival / SAVE THE DATE!

Fr., 06./Sa., 07. Oktober 2023
Kulturhaus Brotfabrik, Absberggasse 27, Stiege 3
1100 Wien


Ready or not, here we come.

In 2023 we take CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH to the second round and already have the hard facts prepared for you! CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH VOL. 2 will take place on the 6th and 7th of October in Kulturhaus Brotfabrik! You can't miss it, so put it directly into your calendar! But that's not all. October is still a while away, and we don't want to leave you empty-handed for months. That's why we're planning four additional Mini-CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH events within this year. These will be individually organized and curated by our forum members. Three of them are planed befor the festival as warm-up events and one as a cool-down event for after the festival. In doing so, we not only want to nourish your excitement for the festival itself, but also constantly question structures and trash them with you. More information about the mini-events will follow soon, so stay tuned!

An event by Kulturen in Bewegung, co-curated by the Forum team (Asma Aiad, Petz Haselmayer, Ivana Marjanović, Negin Rezaie) and in cooperation with Kulturhaus Brotfabrik.