Ke Nako 2010

Ke Nako = It's time!

It's time to clean up the lockdown again. We remember, we "dusted off" an award and took it out of the shelf: The PR State Award 2010 for the project "Ke Nako - Africa Now! An initiative for a diverse image of Africa" on the occasion of the then World Cup in South Africa. This was not the only award in connection with this project: Ke Nako coordinator Bella Bello Bitugu received the Integration Award of the City of Innsbruck for outstanding activities in the field of integration.

kulturen in bewegung, respectively our institute VIDC including fairplay initiative, was the coordinating body of the all-Austrian initiative at that time and organized 300 Ke Nako events together with the Africa Networking Platform (AVP) and the Austrian Development Agency as well as more than 100 national and regional partners*. 400 musicians & artists inspired around 184,000 people at discussions, concerts, exhibitions, readings and cultural workshops. There were also public viewing zones and Africa festivals in the provinces! Already in the run-up to the World Cup, discussions, concerts, exhibitions, readings and cultural workshops all over Austria provided new insights into African realities. This project should definitely not be missing in our Throwback series.