kulturen in bewegung - the team
Under our names you will find information about how we like to be addressed and which pronouns we use. With this we want to set a good example and point out that the gender identity of people cannot be determined by their names or their outward appearance. Gender-appropriate language is important and in this spirit we are looking forward to a lively, respectful communication with you!
By clicking on our names you can learn more about us.

Sybille Straubinger
Pronouns: she/her
P.: 01 713 35 94-81

Marlies Pucher
Pronouns: she/her
divisional manager, coordination, conception and finances
P.: 01 713 35 94 - 68

Marissa Lobo
Pronouns: she/her
responsible for art and cultural mediation projects with a focus on gender, LGTBQI+, anti-racist and decolonial practices
P.: 01 713 35 - 28

Horst Watzl
Pronouns: he/him
responsible for the music department and the service centre
P.: 01 713 35 94 - 92

Gaby Pflügl
Pronouns: she/her
Project assistance
P.: 01 713 35 94 - 59

Yasmin Yazdian
Pronouns: she/her
Public Relations
P.: 01 713 35 94 - 62