Forum 2022 -2026

A project of collective curation and reflection.

In 2022 we founded a forum with four experts* from the independent and institutionalized cultural sector. Together with Asma AiadPetz HaselmayerIvana MarjanovićNegin Rezaie and the team of kulturen in bewegung, the existing programs were evaluated and new ones developed. 

The forum is intended to initiate a process of self-reflection, open up new perspectives, and facilitate productive new programs, content, and mediation processes in connection with our projects. Establishing a forum also encourages and demands the opening of the curatorial process, moving kulturen in bewegung's activities more in the direction of a collaborative way of working, which is what cultural practice should strive for.

The collaboration with the Forum will be at center of kulturen in bewegung's work from 2022-2026. 
More information about our Forum members as well as the events that have emerged in this context can be found below.