25 Years kulturen in bewegung

2021 is a jubilee year for cultures in motion: 25 years of art and culture against the backdrop of Austrian Development Cooperation. A quarter of a century in which it has always been a great concern of ours to firmly anchor art and culture as key factors of human development in the field of development cooperation.

The years fly by and 25 years of joint cultural work are a reason to pause and celebrate. Who, if not art, can succeed in touching people in such a way and thus show new perspectives for a change of course?

We would like to look back with celebration, self-criticism and reflection in order to help shape a more just future in a visionary way. Of course, discussion events and artistic interventions will accompany us on this anniversary.


Jubilee Year 2021

1996 - 2021 25 Years Kulturen in Bewegung


25 years kulturen in bewegung

2021 - for us, this year is a very special one.


25 years culture in the EZA context - networking & cooperation

Cultural work in the context of development cooperation


25 Years EU-Projects

Strengthen Creative Cooperation and Dis-Othering – beyond Afropolitan & other labels

[Translate to English:] Wien im Fluss Plakat 2021

Wien im Fluss 2021

Open Air
Lalala - Culture X Change - Fem*Friday

27.8.2021, 15:00-22:00
Between Wientalterrasse and Bruno-Kreisky Park, Vienna


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