Academy of Unlearning

The Academy of Unlearning connects knowledge that is usually separate by bringing together people from different fields. We see the "Academy" as an imaginary or real place of encounter where the transfer of knowledge is based on the appreciation of different disciplines and experiences.

In a very general sense, "unlearning" involves reflecting on what has already been learned, exploring collective knowledge, and recognizing "absent" knowledge. The process of determining what we know and the criteria we use to define and retain something as "knowledge" is always dependent on cultural, historical, and political contexts. It can be beneficial not to "know" something initially and to have a new experience, especially when it comes to art. The individual perception of an artwork frequently unfolds in conceptual "in-between" spaces.

The mediation of art is much more than the transmission of knowledge: it enables encounters, personal engagement, and individual experiences. In the Mentoring Program of kulturen in bewegung , global perspectives and diversity issues in the practice of art education are discussed. It serves the exploration of how knowledge can emerge from different perspectives and contexts.


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Call for Participation

Academy of Unlearning: Mentoring-Program
Application deadline: January 25, 2024

Training program for women* in cultural mediation with brut, Dschungel Wien, Kultursommer Wien, Wiener Festwochen, Wiener Konzerthaus, Wien Museum, Wiener Staatsoper,…