Train the Trainers

Workshops on Anti-Racist and Anti-Discriminatory Practice

The Train the Trainers program of kulturen in bewegung/VIDC offers to deal with anti-discrimination and anti-racism in a self-reflective way on different levels in order to counteract structural and institutional forms of discrimination and unequal relations of dominance, as well as to sharpen discrimination-free knowledge transfer and communication.

The aim of the workshop series is to raise awareness of different forms of discrimination and racism in the workplace, to counteract prejudice, to develop practices of solidarity and to create a feeling for anti-discriminatory language, communication and interaction. The third workshop with Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur is about creating knowledge and awareness about institutionalized racism, as well as questioning structural and systemic racism in institutions, as well as their norms, values and structures.



Train the Trainers - Workshop 1

Anti-discrimination and anti-racism strategies in everyday working life

06.04.2022, 10:00 - 12:30 with Dunia Khalil

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Train the Trainers - Workshop 2

Anti-racist and anti-discriminatory communication in adult education

20.04.2022, 09:30 - 12:00 with Esther Maria Kürmayer and Angela Chikuru

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Train the Trainers - Workshop 3

WS 3: Racism-critical, intersectional perspectives on institutionalized racism in one's own work environment

03.05.2022, 18:00 - Online
with Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur