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Daliah Touré © Sara Teresa

Body Talks

Workshops Series

April - November 2023
Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Herrengasse 13, 1010 Vienna


What does it mean to "understand" art? Under what conditions do we establish a connection – cognitive and/or physical – to a work of art? And how might we externalize such a relationship other than through words? With the new format Body Talks, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich explores how art mediation could materialize beyond the spoken word and by means of an embodied transfer of knowledge. Within the framework of various participatory events, visitors are invited to respond to the exhibitions at the Kunstraum by means of movement, dance, voice, and the like, and to enter into an embodied dialogue with the themes on display.

Workshop series with Daliah Touré

Drawing on her practice as a dancer and art mediator, Daliah Touré is developing a three-part workshop series unfolding throughout 2023. Based on movement, dance and touch, the workshops illuminate how our bodies help us understand and reconfigure our relationship to the world, to spaces we inhabit, to other people and life forms. Tools used will include performance scores, improvisation, and intuition. A workshop lasts a maximum of 3 hours and is conceived for a group size of max. 15 people.

April/Mai 2023
Workshop im Rahmen von Matrix Bodies
In Kooperation mit Angewandte Performance Lab (APL)

Juni/Juli 2023
Workshop im Rahmen von T(())mb
In Kooperation mit Akademie geht in die Schule (AgidS)

Oktober/November 2023
Workshop im Rahmen von Quiet Storm Blowin‘  offen für alle Interessierte