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Lange Nacht der Weltmusik


4. + 5.11.21, 19:30
Goldschlagstraße 169, 1140 Wien


2 evenings, each beginning at 19.30
on November 4 with Jütz (Austria/Switzerland), Orwa Saleh Ensemble (Syria) and Garufa (Uruguay/Venzuela)!
on November 5 with Wiener Choro Ensemble (Brazil), Pascal Lopongo (Congo) and Vesna Petkovic feat. Who Man Dog (Austria)!

As well as discussion: MUSIC & MIGRATION
Afghan music/culture in Vienna

Thu. 04 Nov., 16:30

A group of musicians, Middle East experts and cultural activists will deal with the topic of music and migration, especially with Afghanistan. What is the situation for musicians / cultural workers from Afghanistan in Vienna? What has happened in the last decades and how has the situation changed since the takeover of the Taliban regime? What are the fears and hopes of...

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