© Pol Guillard

© Pol Guillard

Radouan Mriziga - Ayur


12. + 13.11.21, 21:00
TQW Halle G

"Ayur" is the second part of a trilogy dealing with the semantics and mythologies of the Imazighen, an indigenous people of North Africa. It centers on female figures who act as guardians of the lore of Amazigh knowledge. The solo is a tribute to the transmission of knowledge, danced by Sondos Belhassen, who was Radouan Mriziga's dance teacher during his studies in Tunis. Under a wooden, net-like dome, a dazzling choreography of dance and architecture emerges in search of a new writing of the future. Ayur is the goddess associated with the moon in Punic Carthage.

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