Lalala Little Show: Sound of the Sound - Part 1

Little Show - Video
lalala - Concerts for Kids

Premiere: Sunday, May 9, 2021, 3 pm
Online - youtube und facebook!

The Little Shows and MERCY are back! We continue the format for children that we started last December. There are new adventures for the little ones and the big ones, we navigate between spaces and dimensions and try to connect with our imagination and fantasy.
Together we experience a show of performance, animation and experimental sounds.

Online on our Facebook-Channel and on YouTube
(to be continued on June 6)

Listening to the sound of sounds. A way to connect children, teenagers and adults with the power of listening and hearing in different ways all kinds of sounds, including those of silence, and all these sounds will reconnect us with the meaning of coming home.

A deep exploration of all the realms and portals of the Pink House where Mercy ✨ lives. Mercy✨ is a teenager who, during a pandemic, connects and travels to different dimensions and planets of the cosmos through the power of breath. During her travels she meets many friends in the form of entities, beings and ancestors.

In our second episode, Mercy ✨receives a phone call. Is this a dream? The story will bring the beauty of ancestor reconnection. She will learn from the elders about the meaning of different ways of hearing and living, and experience a magical connection as she swims with her friends in drops of moonlight on the ocean floor.


Regie: Marissa Lôbo
Drehbuch: Marissa Lôbo und Daniela Sea
Kamera und Schnitt: İklim Doğan
Kamera 2: Susana Ojeda
Assistenz Regie: Ines Greinstetter
Produktion, Logistik: Monica Adi
Animation und Zeichnungen: Ani Antonova
Ton und Sounddesign: Bassano bonelli bassano
Kostüme und künstlerische Ausstattung: Noemi Auer
Bassano bonelli bassano

Mercy Adighibe als Mercy✨
Alessandra dos Santos Silva als Tante Ale
Dafne Moreno als Terraine
Miguel Arizmendi als Terrain
Daniela Sea als Sounds me?
Bassano bonelli bassano als Constelación
Maria Herold als Agua Viva
Türkis Rosa Lila Villa als Pink House
Big Mouth
Caetano als Katze

Titelsong ‘The Sound of Sound’ von Daniela Sea
Aufgenommen von Philipp Conrad @ SkyStudio
Roby Ster am Schlagzeug
Scallio am Bass

Kunstwerke und Wandbilder des Pink House:
Nenê Surreal, Ani Ganzala, Day Eve M. Komet, Miriam Klein Stahl, Flávia Mudesto, Maria de San Francisco, Raw
Sobisate_Tv, @decolonial_killjoy, Khaleb Brooks , Lia  Garcia (La Novia Sirena) Rurru Mipanocha, Sofi Utikal, Vivi Zurita.

Fotos: Kaspar Herold

Dank an die Türkis Rosa Lila Villa von gestern, heute und morgen für die Unterstützung und Gastfreundschaft.