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Mina – Der Preis der Freiheit

Film Premiere with Mina Ahadi

27.9.2023, 19:30
Votivkino Wien

A portrait of an Iranian resistance fighter
The documentary "Mina - The Price of Freedom" portrays Mina Ahadi, an Iranian human rights activist who now lives in Cologne. Mina has been fighting against executions and stonings in Iran for decades - and thus became a target of the regime herself.

In the film, Mina Ahadi provides insights into her eventful life between family happiness and personal protection. She talks about her successes and failures in the fight against the death penalty as well as for the rights of women, LGBTIQ people and ex-Muslims. She is the founder of the 'Central Council of Ex-Muslims' and advocates for a secular state. Although she had to live under constant fear, Mina forcefully conveys that there is hope despite all the atrocities.