Moving Cultures Favoriten

Today we are back on memory lane and the #throwbackthursday starts this time in the office kitchen of the VIDC with the secret star among the mugs ☕️ - the "moving cultures favorites" cup!
With this we remember the years 2003-2005 when the great festivals took place in the 10th district of Vienna!
Right now, events of this kind are hard to imagine, so these memories are all the sweeter for us. The highlight of these years was definitely the World Culture Festival in the Bohemian Prater in 2005 with about 10,000 visitors*. Several stages, anti-racism soccer tournament of fairplay initiative concerts, performances and much more! Groups from all over the world participated: Moleque de Rua from Brazil, Ndere Troupe from Uganda, Teatro Trono from Bolivia, Abuela Coca from Uruguay, Bil Aka Kora feat. Hubert von Goisern, and many more.