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Grafik: Theresa Hattinger

Unsere Kultur geht auf keine Kuhhaut

Conference + Publication Presentation

08.06.22, 9.00 - 19.00
Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, Vordere Zollamtsstr. 7, 1010 Wien


A conference at the University of Applied Arts for a cultural policy in the post-Corona era

What will happen to the cultural sector after two years of pandemic restrictions? What are the tasks of cultural policy to effectively accompany it in the biggest transformation since 1945?

With the help of a series of support and bridging measures, it has so far been possible to maintain large parts of the operational structures. And yet everyone involved is aware that with every day that the state of emergency continues, a return to an old normality becomes increasingly unlikely.

As early as 2021, a symposium “Confrontation instead of Representation” took place at the Ungewandte Kunst, where representatives of all art disciplines came together to attempt an initial stocktaking and to sketch out possible future scenarios.

In the all-day event “Unsere Kultur geht auf keine Kuhhaut” on 8 June 2022, the conversation is to be continued, effects on one’s own work situation discussed, possibilities for cooperation and measures for the strategic further development of the cultural sector developed.

Therefore, we will address the following topics:

  • Power and growth structures, facilitator: Anke Schad/Universität Wien
  • New settings, new formats, new forms of interaction, facilitator: Aron Weigl/EDUCULT
  • Co-operations and coalitions, facilitator: Astrid Kury/Akademie Graz
  • Changes in cultural behaviour, facilitator: Michael Wimmer/EDUCULT

Overall moderation: Michael Wimmer/EDUCULT

Invited are artists and representatives of the cultural sector from all art disciplines as well as from the field of cultural policy and cultural administration, teachers and students of art universities as well as all those interested in cultural policy issues.

The publication “Für eine neue Agenda der Kulturpolitik” (ed. Michael Wimmer) will be presented at the symposium. The volume brings together contributions to critique and analyse the current cultural policy situation in order to revitalise the cultural policy discussion.


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