Wien im Fluss 2021 + 2022

Fem*Friday, Lalala & Culture X Change between Wientalterrasse and Bruno-Kreisky Park
Concerts - Performance - Reading - Artist Talk - Poetry Slam - DJ Line

We move against the current between four different locations along the Vienna River and present cultural programs for children, young people, the young at heart and adults. Wien im Fluss offers the opportunity to experience our three focal points Lalala - Concerts for Children, Fem*Friday and Culture X Change concentrated in one afternoon and evening.

In August, the Vienna River flows in the opposite direction. Four stations along the water convey, in a figurative sense, that Vienna was and is an attraction and starting point for artistic initiatives. For 25 years kulturen in bewegung has been a part of this and celebrates this with free concerts, performances, a program for children and a parade!
In 2020, the "warm-up" for our 25th anniversary celebration in 2021 took place.
With the active participation of our companions and neighbors of the 5th and 6th district we celebrated 2x a big open air party, each time with bright sunshine and best mood!

Wien im Fluss 2020
Wien im Fluss 2021
Fotocredits: Marisel Bongola, Fesih Alpagu
Grafik: Johanna Moyses