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Sketches of Migration. Postcolonial Enmeshments. Antiracist Construction Work

Ed: Agnes Achola, Carla Bobadilla, Petja Dimitrova, Nilbar Güres, Stefania Del Sordo
Löcker, 2010

During the project period, a new kind of exhibition/art concept was created at kulturen in bewegung/VIDC in the field of visual arts, in which women artists with migration experiences and from different art disciplines were invited to develop a concept for artistic actions in the field of migration and migration policy, gender, daily and cultural politics, postcolonialism and anti-racism by means of participatory methods and in collective work. This artistic approach attempted to give a new perspective to the usual form of research in these areas. The artists' approach to this research process was a creative and subjective one, one differentiated from classical, scientific research. The product of this project, an art book, represents an autonomous exploration from the own perspective of women artists with migration experience of the issues of gender, migration, anti-discriminatory and emancipatory struggles in (Austrian) society. The art book was presented at the Secession Vienna on 17 June 2010 and subsequently discussed with the artists, scholars and the audience.