Träsh Session - Curating as a collective

Networking Event

06.10.2023, 4.30 - 6.30 pm
Kulturhaus Brotfabrik
Absberggasse 27, Stiege 3, Ground floor, 1100 Wien


Keynotes: Denice Bourbon (PCCC*), Zuzana Ernst (Brunnenpassage & D/Arts), Dilan Sengül (D/Arts), Elke Smodics (trafo.K)
Forum: Asma Aiad, Petz Haselmayer, Ivana MarjanovićNegin Rezaie
Host: Marissa Lôbo (kulturen in bewegung)
Followed by: Open Discussion, Food & Drinks by Caritas Community Cooking

Following the motto of the Clišhé Träsh Festival "Cool, diverse and if necessary perverse", we will join artists, curators, initiatives and organizations to address the question of what happens when a group of curators wants to address a diverse audience. Who is this audience anyway? How can curators become allies to those they program for? How can they take a critical look at their own thought patterns and reflect the experiences of different realities of life in an artistic program - also in a humorous way?

kulturen in bewegung is now in its second season practicing the model of the "curatorial forum" - a project of collective curating and reflection, from which the Clišhé Träsh Festival has emerged. In this "Träsh Session" we want to openly reflect and discuss how well or not so well we have succeeded so far in putting collective action into practice. What pitfalls have there been and what can we do better? Can this approach succeed at all in an institutional structure? What experiences have others had in this area of tension?