Concert & Dance: DD Band

Salah Ammo: Vocals, Bouzouk - Syria
Patrick Dunst: Duduk, Zorna, Saxes - Austria
Fadi Bardkji: Oriental Keybord - Syria
Oscar Antoli: Clarent & Dolçaina - Spain                                                        
Habib Samandi: Darbuka – Tunisia
Amine Amara: E-Bass & Gumbri - Algeria                                               
Boualem Dahmani: Electric Guitar - Morocco

Vienna Based band founded by the Syrian Kurdish musician Salah Ammo, the band perform new songs and traditional songs in both Arabic and Kurdish, which took a large part of the memory of popular folklore in the Middle East, especially in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Kurdistan. With their music you are invited to enjoy the dance and to hear an attractive rhythmic pulse, a new color and unique voices that reflects the spirit of "Sha’bi Style" of popular oriental music.

The European Audience have known the “Sha’bi Style” genre through the Syrian wedding singer Omar Suleiman. DD Band takes this style to a new dimensions and horizons where the “Sha’bi Style” songs are integrated with the sounds of electronic, jazz and rock music. The band has its own character and voice and what adds the distinctiveness to it is the cultural mix and background of the band members, the band includes professional musicians from Syria, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Spain and Austria, who share the faith in the renewed value of folklore and the desire to create a new sounds, beats and vision.

The band believe that their Music and songs and the dance atmosphere that they create are the shortest and deepest ways to connect people to each other, the music and dance here is the bridge that brings us together and it deepen our mutual understanding of each other without the obstacle of language..

Come together, holding the hands and move together we are here to love to respect to share. Let’s Dance and enjoy DD Band music and Songs.

Entry: € 10,-
Reduced: € 7,- (unemployed people, Kulturpass, students)