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Cosma Superheldin

fromTheater foXXfire!

10. - 19.02. + 19. - 23.04.2023
Dschungel Wien, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien

The more female superheroes, the better!

Cosma's mum is rarely at home and dad needs his entire head for his work, he's an inventor. So Cosma takes care of everything. But that's not always easy. But then she finds more and more refuge with her neighbor, whom everyone just calls a "witch"....

theatre play, 75 min. for people starting at  9 years

in german


Playwright: Alexandra Ava Koch
Director: Richard Schmetterer
Stage Design: Karoline Hogl
Dramaturgy: Sandra Feiertag
Actors*: Emma Filipovic, Lisa Kärcher, Franz Quitt
Photo: Richard Schmetterer