Perimetre de Kamce

The Perimeter of Kamsé

Culture X Change # Mini Fespaco

Sunday, May 30, 2021, 8.30 pm
online via This Human World


The Perimeter of Kamsé / Le perimeter de Kamsé
Documentary, Olivier Zuchuat,  Switzerland / France, 2020,  93 Min, engl. subt.

The village of Kamsé in Burkina Faso is being decimated by the effects of desertification.

In order to survive, the villagers begin with the greening of the parched landscape. With shovels and pickaxes they fight back to cede their land to the desert. They build dikes, plant hedges and trees.

Director Olivier Zuchuat proves to be a patient observer and creates a poetic and contemplative story with still images that make the parched landscape tangible.

The film can be watched on This Human World. Free registration at the human rights film hub to watch the film for free.