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© Ana Paula F. & Hanna Fasching

Fem*Friday #13 Kerosin95 & Tony Renaissance

Concert & Artist Talk - open air

NEW DATE: June 4, 2021, 7.30 pm
Sargfabrik outdoor, Goldschlagstraße 169,1140 Vienna

Fem*Friday #13 has to be postponed due to the current Covid-19 measures. The new date is June 04, 2021. Tickets already purchased remain valid, but can be refunded by Sargfabrik at any time.

plays with the uncomfortable and creates socially critical noise. They speak out against sexism in everyday life, questions prosperity and one's own privileges and makes queer* identities visible. In their music, beats are used without restriction - from boom bap to trap to the experimental.

Tony Renaissance’s liquid emotional landscapes seduce the listener to pursue a queer and dynamic utopia. Their instrumentations are playful: here an angelic voice slips over somber beats and mystical sound-collages, a dizzy synthesizer pulses with the possibilities of an orchestral underscore. Championing “radical softness,” Tony sources from the glow of daydreams and melancholy pop.

Fem*Friday is a project by kulturen in bewegung/VIDC putting queer-feminist artists in the spotlight.

Entry: € 15,-
Tickets available at Sargfabrik.at