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FemFriday #2: Ebow/SlimgirlFat/GaddafiGals

FemFriday is a concert series putting a spotlight on exceptional female musicians. Every second Friday of a month kulturen in bewegung and the Weltmuseum Wien are starring female musicians and female fronted bands of urban music.

On July 13 we are presenting 3 Acts: Ebow, Slimgirl Fat and Gaddafi gals. Each of these music projects stands on its own, but all three are connected among each other. 

Komplexität is Ebow’s new Album. Komplexität because the word describes the status quo of our time. but also because the album ranges from socio-critical rap and intimate reflection to Club-Bangers. Ebow locates herself between Hip Hop and oriental Sounds. She combines social reality with combative lyrics.

A tiny fish in a huge pond: slimgirl fat. If you search carefully you will find Nalan381 and Gaddafi Gals and if you are lucky and spend a lot of time online you will find slimgirl fat. So far her music is mysterious and rarely audible on LiveShows, but her Debüt-EP is in full progress and will be released in September.

With their first EP the Death of Papi the Gaddafi Gals (or „GG“, as they call themselves) clearly showed what they're aiming for: to kill Papi-rap, Mami-RnB and a few other Papis and Mamis. Their forthcoming full-length TEMPLE will show, how much the members walter p99 arke$tra, slimgirl fat and blaqtea developed their style. „It sounds like being trapped in a mystical maze in front of the temple of love“, they try to explain it. „Driving a black Honda Civic very very slow, of course.“
Die erste EP „the death of papi“ der Gaddafi Gals (oder „GG“, wie sie sich selbst nennen) zeigt das Ziel sehr klar: weg mit dem Papi-Rap, weg mit dem Mami-RnB und weg mit einigen anderen Papis und Mamis! Ihr bald erscheinendes Album TEMPLE offenbart wie stark die Bandmitglieder walter p99 arke$tra, slimgirl fat and blaqtea ihren Stil weiterentwickelt haben.

Pre-Sale:€ 19, Box office: € 24 (reduced € 19)
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