Festival of Vocabularies Life Day 1

Smashing Wor(l)ds: Cultural Practices for Inventing and Learning Vocabularies

30.06.2022, 12 - 23:30
Belvedere 21, Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Wien


Programm des Festival of Vocabularies Life
DAY 1 Opening Day
30th June, 2022 at Belvedere 21, Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Wien
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► General Assembly of citizen science and arts-based research project “Memories and Imaginaries” (FWF TCS 119)
Exhibition, Review, OeAD ‘Citizen Science Award’ Tombola

In the research project “Memories and Imaginaries” artists, academics and high school students explored together what it means to be part of a community. They practiced the importance of remembering, retelling and re-imagining during three “Memory-Labs” in Vienna in May 2022.

► Mirjana Mustra

In the form of a video tutorial, the artist presents biographical research on female* migrational experience in Austria from the 1970-s on, showcased in the lives of three women from ex-Yugoslavia. Textile handwork is a unique female connection throughout time and space and is also used as a colonizing strategy by the Habsburg monarchy.

► Asma Aiad and Ines Mahmoud
I, the Intellectual Cleaning Lady*. A message to the nation.

“I, the Intellectual Cleaning Lady*” sees itself as a manifesto for visibly Muslim women, whose bodies are the regular plaything and point of discussion of politics, society, media, the public and all those people who would like to have a say in saving us.

► Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur
lecture performance : Resistances and the Decolonizing Art of Mattering (embodied) Memory

Born to parents that migrated to Austria from Ghana and Finland, Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur’s mother gave birth to her in Vienna. Araba grew up in different Vienna's, one of which being a Diasporan Ghanaian village. She is a recovering storyteller, a grieving daughter, and an invisible mother. Araba carries silenced stories in her belly that are not just hers, stories that yearn and struggle to be (re)membered and set free urgently. She currently mainly lives and grows in Washington DC, where she un_learns and teaches at the historically Black Howard University and labours in the decolonizing art of mattering (embodied) memory

Touraj Daryaee and Negin Rezaei
Performance: Smelling the past Un/Learning the language

Can we smell the past or can smells remind us of our past? Perfumes and stench evoke memories which transposes us to different periods in our lives and in history. How can smells remind us of language and words? Languages and words that have lost their meaning or been removed at a particular time.

► mirabella paidamwoyo* dziruni
Performance: why did your playful tickle turn into burning scratches?

listen closely as the caged bird sings and don’t read between the lines, there’s nothing there except room for personal interpretations and misunderstanding… maybe close your eyes for a while and just feel. feel my words kissing your thoughts, leaving their little stain on your grey matter. so, I can tickle you a little bit too.

► La Machi & Ironica los Culos
Music and Visuals mapping

Valentina Viera aka la Machi is a Vienna based, Chilean performer, activist, dancer and Dj. Her work is mainly focused on minority and latinamerican folclore, thus giving a voice and space for the marginalised. Maanila Santos De Moraes aka. Ironica los Culos, is an internationally renowned multimedia artist and DJ. She is known for her massive 3D objects, which are audio reactively mapped in tantalising manners. Ironica Los Culos formerly known as Dj Möser, she started DJing in 1995 as part of Attac Soundsystem. She currently focuses on a variety of styles intermixed, ranging from Noise to Hip Hop, Jazz, Breakcore, IDM, Neo Funk Carioca, African electronic music and all sorts of sounds that inspire her.

Detailed Program

12:00 to 14:00 (Blickle Kino) General Assembly of the citizen science and arts-based research project "Memories and Imaginaries" (FWF TCS 119). With Felix Deiters and Cathérine Lehnerer.
14:00 to 18:00 Gathering, Food and Drinks with Buffet.

18:00 to 18:45 (Blickle Kino) Mirjana Mustra: WIR KOMMEN MIT DEN NADELN, film screening.
19:00 to 19:30 (Blickle Kino) Welcome speeches.
19:30 to 20:00 (Blickle Kino) Asma Aiad and Ines Mahmoud: I, the Intellectual Cleaning Lady*. A message to the nation. Lecture performance.
20:00 to 20:30 (Blickle Kino) Queer Base lecture  with Axmed Maxamed.
20:40  to 21:15 (Blickle Kino) Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur: Resistances and the Decolonizing Art of Mattering (embodied) Memory. Lecture performance.
21:15 to 21:30 (Tiefhof) Touraj Daryaee and Negin Rezaie: Smelling the past Un/Learning the language. Lecture performance.
21:40 to 22:10 (Tiefhof) mirabella paidamwoyo* dziruni: Why did your playful tickle turn into burning scratches?Performance.
22:10 to 23:30 (Tiefhof) Ironica Los Culos / La Machi: Smashing Wor(l)ds Celebration after the end of the World. Music and visual mapping.