Frauensolidarität - Scattered in the World

Issue 164, 2/2023
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The new issue asks: What is a diaspora? How does it come into being? What are the experiences of women, as well as refugees, in the countries where they now live? And what influence do diasporic groups have on politics in their country of origin?
With texts by Vina Yun, Nadia Shehadeh, Kadriye Acar, Maryna Kryvinchuck, Claudia Hanslmaier and interviews with Henrie Dennis and Dilar Dirik.

Editor Claudia Dal-Bianco presented the new booklet on the Global Dialogues program on Radio Orange 94.0. In it, the following have their say:
Henrie Dennis, who reports about experiences of the queer African community in Austria, and Dilar Dirik, who enlightened about the self-organized disaster relief of the Kurd_innen after the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria in February.
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