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Abb. Iemanjá, photograph from the Series Bori (Offering to the head) 2011_Ayrson Heráclito

Healing as Cliché Breaking

Performance / Talk / Celebration
Clišhé Träsh Warm-up

by Ayrson Heráclito, Gina Disobey
& Black Community Innsbruck
- curated by Ivana Marjanovic

29.07.2023, 6pm
Public space Innsbruck: 
Sillsteg (Rapoldipark Innsbruck at the Sillsteg bridge)


HEALING AS CLICHÉ BREAKING "Technologies of Connectedness: How to speak to Nature" is a performance by artist Ayrson Heráclito & Gina Disobey/leader of the project #wegonnabreathe from the Black Community Innsbruck. The exhibition "Healing Technologies and Affections" by Ayrson Heráclito at Kunstraum Innsbruck (28th July - 4th November 2023) provides the backdrop for this Clišhé Träsh warm-up event.

By using ritual traditions and healing practices in terms of political tools, Ayrson Heráclito and Gina Disobey will critically engage with the issues of colonialism and racism, as well as their continuity. The collective performance, followed by a public talk, will address practices of performance rituality, the activation of communal public space, and its regulation, which is marked by racist and discriminatory stereotyping.
Discourses of healing have recently become very popular, we encounter different forms or practices of healing in art, social media and cultural events. Even though this gives these practices more recognition and appreciation, at the same time this ambivalent tendency creates tensions and reproduces many forms of stereotypes.

This event is a warm-up event for the CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH Festival on October 6 and 7, 2023 at Brotfabrik Vienna. The events will each be curated by a forum member and will deal with clichés and stereotypes in a humorous and ironic way. Our goal is to uncover the structures behind them and, at best, to destroy them.

In cooperation with Kunstraum Innsbruck and Gina Disobey/leader of the project #wegonnabreathe of the Black Community Innsbruck. Sponsored by the Austrian Development Agency, the City of Vienna, the Federal Minister of Arts, Culture, Public Service and Sport and supported by Vienna Airport and Erste Bank.