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© Hernando Osorio

Hernando Osorio "Mare Nostrum"


28.10. – 19.11.2022
Galerie Sur, Seilerstätte 7, 1010 Wien


woodcuts, drawing, painting, ceramics
Jaime Hernando Osorio
Born in Ibagué, Colombia

Founded in 1996, Galerie SUR (Spanish for South) has filled a gap in the Viennese art market by bringing in contemporary art from the periphery - globally speaking - with a focus on Africa, South America, South Asia and the Mediterranean region.
International artists from Chile, India, Iran, Iraq, Colombia, Morocco, Mexico, Senegal, Spain, Turkey, but also "Austrians" are represented by the gallery SUR.

Info & opening hours


Vernissage: 28.10.22, 19:00
Finissage: 19.11.22

Do, Fr, 15 -19, Sa 11-13