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Intersectional Horrors

Feminism and Nightmares in the Postmigrant Reality
Clišhé Träsh Cool-Down - curated by Petz Haselmayer
Reading and Talk
with Barbi Markovic und Vina Yun

01.12.23, 19:30
WUK Foyer, Währingerstraße 59, 1090 Wien
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Barbi Marković reads from her book Minihorror, published by Residenz Verlag in the fall of 2023. The book negotiates postmigrant middle-class dreams and nightmares. It is about patriarchal biases, microaggressions, and the fears nested and entangled therein in inhabiting multiple worlds. In the form of a moderated conversation and reading, journalist and author Vina Yun will talk with Barbi Marković about diasporic and feminist experiences, as well as writing and art as a diasporic artist. What does it mean for one's writing to deal with one's own history and reality? How to find a voice, a language, and beyond that, develop a style? And for whom are we actually narrating? How do we deal with dominant receptions in the cultural landscape in terms of class ascensions or their immanent reconfigurations and evaluative meanings? Those questions that arise from writing in the hybrid cosmos and intersectionally interwoven worlds of experience will be taken up and negotiated in the discussion.

This event is a Cool Down event of the CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH Festival, which took place on October 6 and 7. The events are each curated by a forum member and deal with clichés and stereotypes in a humorous and ironic way. Our goal is to uncover the structures behind them and, at best, to destroy them.


born in Belgrade in 1980, studied German language and literature, has lived in Vienna since 2006. In 2009, Marković caused a sensation with the Thomas Bernhard remix novel "Going Out." In 2016, the novel "Superheldinnen" was published, for which she received the Alpha Literary Prize, the Adelbert von Chamisso Award, and the Priessnitz Prize in 2019. In 2017, Barbi Marković read at the Bachmann Prize. Numerous short stories, plays and radio plays. In 2023 Barbi Marković received the Berlin Art Prize for Literature. Most recently published by Residenz Verlag: "Die verschissene Zeit" (2021) and "Minihorror" (2023).

is a freelance journalist and author from Vienna. She has been active as an editor for various feminist media, including "Missy Magazine" and "an.schläge". In 2017, she published the semi-documentary comic "Homestories" about Korean labor migration to Austria and growing up as a second generation in 1970s/80s Vienna. She co-curates the anti-racist event series "Disintegration Course" and is involved in networking in the Asian diaspora in Austria.

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