Intersectional Horrors - Throwback

Feminism and Nightmares in the Postmigrant Reality
Clišhé Träsh Cool-Down - curated by Petz Haselmayer
Reading and Talk with Barbi Markovic und Vina Yun

01.12.23, WUK Foyer, Wien

At the Clišhé Träsh Cool-Down event 'Intersectional Horrors', Barbi Marković read passages from her latest book 'Mini Horrors' and engaged in a conversation with journalist and author Vina Yun about diasporic, post-migrant and feminist experiences. Different points of view, peppered with stories about horror films, Mickey and Mini Mouse, created a terrifying and exciting evening.

This event is a Cool Down event of the CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH Festival, which took place on October 6 and 7. The events are each curated by a forum member and deal with clichés and stereotypes in a humorous and ironic way. Our goal is to uncover the structures behind them and, at best, to destroy them.