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Konzert @ MICA

Concert with Sarah Maria & Alper Yakin & Uygar Cagli

14.10.23, 19:30
mica - music austria, Stiftgasse 29, 1070 Wien


The three musicians create sensual, wild, sometimes beguilingly gentle, but always exciting sound worlds. Sarah Maria's Mediterranean-Celtic music cheekily mixed with Alper Yakin's and Uygar Cagli's virtuoso Spanish, Levantine and jazzy influences. In the repertoire old Spanish Coplas, Mexican Rancheras, Argentinian Tangos, Sefardic sounds - all shaken and stirred anew - Plus a little Fado, a touch of Flamenco... Come and let yourself be carried away by great feelings, the "gran sentimiento" for one evening!

SARAH MARIA (vocals, guitar)
The singer and composer comes from Austria and has lived in Spain for many years. She writes songs in Spanish, German and English and interprets songs from all over the Hispanic world. Her captivating voice is able to take the audience into the most nuanced moods. Her original compositions, mostly created during her travels to Andalusia, Portugal and Mexico, tell of love, death and everything else that is quite important.
Guitarist and composer Alper Yakin moved to Vienna in 2014 after his music master studies in Istanbul. He studied electro-acoustic composition with Dr. Karlheinz Essl at MDW and his pieces have been performed in numerous contemporary music events in Istanbul, Vienna and Taiwan.
He also studied jazz at the Berklee School of Music in Umbria, flamenco guitar at the flamenco school 'Amor de Dios' in Madrid. He participates in different music projects and gives guitar lessons in and around Vienna.
UYGAR CAGLI (bass guitar)
is a bass player, composer, arranger and producer. He graduated with honors from the Graz Jazz&Pop Conservatory at the Anton Bruckner University / Linz. Çaglı is a founder and member of numerous projects and has collaborated with international musicians, among others with Christoph Cech, Peter Herbert, Andreas Schreiber, Alp Bora, Gerhard Reiter, Orwa Saleh, Guem, Zohar Fresco, Maias Alyamani, Kerim Capli, Dima Orsho, Macadi Nahhas, Julia Siedl, Salah Ammo, Maria Petrova, Mustafa Dönmez, Helmut Schönleitner, Wolfram Abt, Basma Jabr, Basel Rajoub, Çagri Beklen, Christian Wirth, András Dés and Alper Yakin.