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Long night of world music


02.12.2022, 19.30
Sargfabrik, Goldschlagstrasse 169, 1140 Wien


Since 2016, IG World Music Austria and Sargfabrik have been jointly organizing the "Long Night of World Music", focusing on current developments in the domestic world music scene.
Day 1 With: Rina Kaçinari (KOS, A) I Maria Craffonara (I), Oscar Antolí (ESP),  Mehdi Chamma Group (MAR, A)
DAy 2 With: Sofia Labropoulou (GR), Diana Rasina - Romance (RU, A), Mehdi Chamma Group (MAR, A), Hayde Tanz (TUR, GR, MNE, A)

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Day 1
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