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19. - 23.06.2023, versch. Beginnzeiten
Porgy & Bess, Riemergasse11, 1010 Wien

The jazz program of the Music and Art University of the City of Vienna (MUK), one of the leading international jazz training institutions, presents itself at the end of the semester with an opulent five-day showcase at the Porgy & Bess: The MUK.jazz.festival presents a program full of the joy of playing in a wide variety of musical styles and includes jazz choir, big band and ensemble concerts at the highest level. The students show the whole variety of the education at the MUK - from traditional swing, bebop and hardbop to free and avant-garde sounds, everything is represented. Another highlight within the MUK.jazz.festival are the MUK.finals, in which the current graduates present themselves in public bachelor and master concerts. Thereby the young professionals show their personal musical profile with their top-class bands and compete to conquer the stage. At the end of the festival, not only the MUK.jazzorchestra, but also the JugendJazzOrchester NRW can be experienced on Friday at the MUK.bigband.night.
This is what the future of jazz sounds like!


€ 15,— (Mon - Thu, Festivalpass € 45,—)
€ 22,— (MUK.bigband.night on Friday)
Tickets at Porgy & Bess  +43 1 512 88 11
porgy@porgy.at or www.porgy.at


PROGRAMM — 19. Juni 2023, 19:30 Uhr
19:30 Uhr: MUK.finalsMaximilian Gerstbach
20:20 Uhr: MUK.finalsIgor Babic
21:10 Uhr: MUK.finalsBalint Banyo
22:00 Uhr: MUK.finalsJulian Eingang
22:50 Uhr: MUK.finalsAram Tsaturyan

PROGRAMM — 20. Juni 2023, 15:00 Uhr
15:00 Uhr: Microtonal Ensemble
15:30 Uhr: Blue Note Ensemble
16:00 Uhr: Hardbop Ensemble
16:30 Uhr: Composers Ensemble
17:00 Uhr: Pause
19:30 Uhr: Latin Ensemble
20:00 Uhr: MUK.finalsVuk Vasilic
20:50 Uhr: MUK.finalsMaximilian Schrott
21:40 Uhr: MUK.finalsNina Feldgrill
22:30 Uhr: MUK.finalsAmina Bouroyen

PROGRAMM — 21. Juni 2023, 15:00 Uhr
15:00 Uhr: Bebop Ensemble
15:30 Uhr: IGP Ensemble
16:00 Uhr: Traditional Jazz Ensemble
16:30 Uhr: Contemporary & Conceptional Ensemble
17:00 Uhr: Pause
19:30 Uhr: Alternative Ensemble
20:00 Uhr: MUK.finals Diego Asensio
20:50 Uhr: MUK.finals Alvaro Collao León
21:40 Uhr: MUK.finals Jonas Friesel
22:30 Uhr: MUK.finals Conor Ryan

PROGRAMM — 22. Juni 2023, 15:00 Uhr
15:00 Uhr: Jazz Chor Ensemble
15:15 Uhr: Messengers Ensemble
15:45 Uhr: Odd Meter Ensemble
16:15 Uhr: Wayne Shorter Ensemble
16:45 Uhr: Pause     
19:30 Uhr: MUK.finals Johannes Breiteneder
20:20 Uhr: MUK.finals Blaz Skrbec
21:10 Uhr: MUK.finals Valentin Duit
22:00 Uhr: MUK.finalsGregor Storf
22:50 Uhr: MUK.finals Lorenz Widauer

PROGRAMM — 23. Juni 2023, 20:30 Uhr
20:30 Uhr: JugendJazzOrchester NRW
21:30 Uhr: Pause     
21:45 Uhr: MUK.jazzorchestra