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Ö 1 Petition

Open Letter: Preservation of Austrian Musical Life - Invitation to Dialogue


ORF Radio is preparing to delete content and entire series of programs from Ö1 or to cut them beyond recognition: ZEIT-TON, the Ö1 JAZZ Night, the Long Night of New Music, Kunstradio and other formats are affected. All in all, at least 575 hours of contemporary, mostly Austrian music creation are to disappear from the public sphere. In addition, the MUSIKPROTOKOLL in the Styrian Autumn, which is highly regarded both domestically and internationally and is produced by the ORF, is being called into question as a festival platform for new and experimental music. There is a threat of a clear-cut with unprecedented damage to the domestic music scene and the associated economic value chain, which affects composers, publishers, labels, festivals, concert halls, jazz clubs, performers, ensembles, orchestras, but also universities and conservatories as well as freelance artists.

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