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Özlem Bulut

Özlem Bulut (* 1982 in Tunceli province, Turkey) is a Kurdish-Turkish opera and jazz singer (soprano) living in Austria and active in the field of world music.

The Özlem Bulut Band is a fixed star of the Austrian world music scene. Özlem Bulut comes from a small village in eastern Turkey. She started her career as a street musician, continued it as an opera singer at the Vienna State Opera, the Opera Bastille and the Vienna Volksoper and founded her own music project in 2008, which combines elements of Anatolian and oriental music with jazz, pop and soul. In the same year, the spontaneously formed band received the sponsorship award of the Austrian World Music Awards.

http://www.bulut.at/     https://www.facebook.com/ozlembulutband

Özlem Bulut works regularly with kulturen in bewegung, e.g. Culture X Change #Kurdistan