ResRadio Curated by Fem*Friday

Radio Show

04.02.22, 17:00 - 22:00


ResRadio invited Fem*Friday to host one of their legendary Curated by shows.
Besides the DJ Sets from Ironica Los Culos and DJ Shinsekai we will play selected songs of artists, which were presented within Fem*Friday project.

Following artist will be hosting the Curated by Fem*Friday show at Res Radio:

Ironica Los Culos Aka Dj Möser
started DJing in 1995 as part of Attac Soundsystem. In the early years she played Acid Techno, Hardcore, Industrial, Jungle, Breakcore and Noise. She now plays a variety of styles intermixed, ranging from, Noise to Hip Hop, Jazz, Breakcore, IDM, and all sorts of music that inspires her.

Thu Trang Eva Ha aka DJ Shinsekai
DJ Shinsekai investigates more possibilities in the art of DJing in order to break the limitation of genres. Inspired by fast-changing experiences in everyday life and uncertainty towards the future, the music project is characterized by its diversity of sounds, containing improvisation and deconstruction of original tracks and mixing contrasting elements to create complex sci-fi sound scapes to define a kaleidoscopic glimpse of a possible future. She has performed mainly in Linz and Vienna eg, at Ars Electronica Festival, OPEN Festival, Vienna Design Week etc.

Maria Elisabeth Herold
Is a musician, cultural producer and curator. She is working on the project Fem*Friday at kulturen in bewegung with the focus on embracing collaborations and strengthening networks between femmes*, female*, trans and non-binary artists in the music industry. She has founded the music and art space Sendeschluss to encourage experiments with sound and performances and is creating electro-pop songs with her band The Sir Teens.