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Riot im Oikos

Participatory Performance Project

20.- 23.06.2023, various beginning
Dschungel Wien, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien


Participatory performance project in English and German, 85 min., Age 14+
What does laughter have to do with feminism?

Who were the girls, women, inter and trans or gender non-conforming people who advanced women* rights, freedoms and opportunities? What are their stories? What was driving them? And what external and internal struggles have they fought?

Enter a performative spatial installation where you will meet a variety of feminists. Follow the heroines you want to get to know and intervene in the events. Decide which ancestors meet and witness their conversation. The history of feminisms is as diverse as that of its protagonists, and their disputes are marked by conflicts of interest. And you are standing in the middle of it. What do you wish for? What do you criticize? What is worth fighting for? "Riot in the Oikos" tells of 2500 years of feminist resistance, of contrary ideas and female solidarity - and involves humor in the process: contradictions in the ruling order are revealed, laughter becomes a tool for emancipation.


from love2laugh
Concept: Berenice Pahl
Directed by: Berenice Pahl, Olivia Jaques
Stage: Caroline Wiltschek
Costumes: Ruth Erharter
Sound: Xena N.C.
Rap: Olivia Jaques, Xena N.C.
Timetraveler: Anna Gaberscik
Performers*: Guadalupe Aldrete, Shahrzad NazarpourBerenice Pahl, Julischka Stengele
Photos: Anna Stöcher

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