Seba Kayan _ Carpet Concert

CARPET CONCERT is an idea and a space. The idea: sounds, music and new unthought spaces beyond western knowledge and cosmology. Seba Kayan combines Western and Eastern sound structures into an identity and hybridity.

The mission: to correct the distorted and stereotypical image of the so-called "Orient", which lies beyond the perceptions of popular Orientalism. Not being in the right place means creating and finding new places, for the artists and also for the audience during the 1.5-hour CARPET CONCERT.

Seba Kayan teams up with various musicians and performers to deconstruct projected identities in the musical process.

2 Persons on Tour/Hotel: 2 Single Rooms

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SEBA KAYAN is a Viennese DJ and artist.

Her music has a forensic, political and metaphorical approach. By digging in different music archives, she collects lost pieces. In her musical spectrum, techno meets Anatolian sounds. The intention is not to create a binary vision of an occidental vs. oriental world, but to embody and interweave both cultures.

By searching for the past in the archives, a vision of the future is formed into a hybrid music. The appropriation of attributions and their deconstruction in the musical process, as a collective improvisation process. This method of referring to ancestors, to a collective memory, also narrates an a-linear historical narrative.