Smashing Wor(l)ds - Vocabulary

Words can be a vocabulary of resistance, a statement against epistemic violence. Within our project we will present words and phrases that can shape our future vocabularies inspired by cultural activities against xenophobia, heteronormativity and racism.

We start with "life as art practice" and "unlearn".
"Healing Colonial Wounds" and "Think Felling"
"Visionary Activism Imagination" and "Collective Care"
"Words Worlds" and "Decolonize Mind"
"Bodies Knowledge" and "Manifesting Futures"
"Share Privilege" and "Community Power"
"Vocabularies Life" and "Image Knowledge"

"Imaginary Encounters", "Crossing Minds & Bodies", "Deconstructing Everyday Life", "Unlearning Vocabularies", " Body Memory Word", "Smashng Normativities", "Spaces of Softness", "Smashing Structures of Power"

Graphic designer and artist Irene Martinez is supporting us with transforming words and phrases into little shareable artworks!