Dunia Khalil

Train the Trainers - Workshop 1

WS 1: Anti-discrimination and anti-racism strategies in everyday working life
06.04.2022, 10:00 - 12:30 incl. break – VIDC
with Dunia Khalil

The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness of different forms of discrimination and racism in the workplace, to counteract prejudice, and to jointly develop practices of solidarity-based action.
The interactive workshop deals with different situations related to discrimination and racism in everyday work life. Different perspectives and opinions of the participants will be collected and exchanged. Afterwards, strategies against forms of discrimination and for the promotion of civil courage will be collected and a catalog will be worked on together.

Dunia Khalil has many years of experience as a legal advisor in the field of anti-racism and hate on the Internet. As a trained anti-racism trainer, she holds workshops and training sessions on a wide range of topics related to anti-discrimination. She is also active as an expert in national and international networks, working groups and organizations on the topic of fundamental and human rights.

Target group: Persons who are employed by VIDC or commissioned by the institute.
Registrations to herold@remove-this.vidc.org