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Angela Chikuru / Esther Maria Kürmayer

Train the Trainers - Workshop 2

WS 2: Anti-racist and anti-discriminatory communication in adult education
20.04.2022, 09:30 - 12:00 incl. 10 min break - VIDC
with Esther Maria Kürmayer and Angela Chikuru

In the field of mediation and adult education with different target groups and communities, it is inevitable to deal with communication and language and to develop self-reflexive a sensitized approach to the respective groups. This workshop helps to recognize which unconscious and conscious forms of racism and discrimination are working in us and our society, how they affect language and communication and how to work against them.

Esther Maria Kürmayer is the chairwoman and director of the Black Women's Community Association, a board member of the European Network Against Racism, as well as an anti-racism awareness trainer and anti-discrimination trainer.

Angela Chikuru is a trained educator and racism awareness trainer for Black Women Community. She works in child and after-school care at GRG15 on the Schmelz.

Target group: Mediators from the NGO and cultural sector
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