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Train the Trainers - Workshop 3

Racism-critical, intersectional perspectives on institutionalized racism in one's own work environment

03.05.2022, 18:00 - 20:30 incl. Break - Online
with Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur

"Racism as a structural problem that cannot be localized as an individual deviation from community consensus but permeates the entire society, the belief goes, exists perhaps in the U.S. but certainly not in Germany [and Austria, note A.E. Johnston-Arthur]" -Fatima El-Tayeb

"What is not allowed to be known in a society, because it interferes with the exercise of domination, must be made unconscious.(...) This production of unconsciousness must be socially organized."  -Mario Erdheim

While racism is very well integrated throughout society, structurally and institutionally, the self-image of an almost racism-free island of the blessed dominates in many areas of society, including NGOs and the cultural sphere. The socially organized unconsciousness of how centrally anchored racism is, however, serves to maintain it. As a microcosm of society, NGOs and the cultural sphere have an important and critical role to play here. Against this backdrop, the short workshop aims to raise awareness about the effects and dynamics of dominance in one's own working environment and thus to promote self-critical, long-term processes of confrontation.

Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur is a cultural and social scientist, co-founder and long-time chairperson of Pamoja. Movement of the Young African Diaspora in Austria and the Research Group on Black Austrian History. Tranzdisziplinäre Lehre an Universität Wien, der Fachhochschule für Soziale Arbeit Linz und an der Akademie für bildende Künste, Wien. Work in the field of institutionalizing anti-racism, among other things, initiator of a collectively developed intersectional anti-discriminatory model company agreement as part of the equal project open up. Empowerment against racism in the labor market of the Minorities Initiative. Currently teaches at Howard University in Washington DC.

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