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#voicesfrom: Vivian Crespo Zurita, Cuba, Vienna


art in the time of quarantine by Vivian Crespo Zurita

As an artist, I play a creative role with realistic works about what is happening worldwide, from my point of view and being consistent we have reached the path of the COVID-19 virus for all the contamination without absolute limit coming to cause serious damage to nature.

I want to stop at the positive side of the virus, as human beings we are playing a good role of humanitarian support within this period of crisis, things that were being lost within a brutal consumerist society, coming to lose our own value as humans, conservative of the material but not of the natural
we are in time to reflect within this period of quarantine, to meditate on
what paths we're going to take after we get out of this worldwide catastrophic experience
as an artist, I have tried to cooperate with the environment
as in many of my works I work with recycling
The collage style is an open work where I can cooperate with nature by approving all kinds of disposable material and in a way I make the viewer aware of my work leaving a not only artistic message, but also to take care of everything around us,
because we depend on even the air we breathe where it's contaminated today

Vivian Crespo Zurita / Cuba
In times of crisis, as a visual and plastic artist, I take refuge in creativity

COVID-19 currently has us all in its grip. We will therefor mainly use our contacts and share reports on the situation of people living in countries that are sidelined in the media and which, as it often does, are rarely heard or seen. We will also do it because people in low-income countries will be hit hardest by the pandemic!

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