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#voicesfrom: Dengbej Xalide, Istanbul


Dengbej is a common way of passing on traditions, news and messages at festivals and other occasions in many parts of Kurdistan.

As part of our focus on "Culture X Change #Kurdish cultures", one of the few female Dengbejis, the Kurdish singer Dengbej Xalide, would have performed her singing art for the first time in Austria on 10 and 15 April.

She lives in Istanbul and describes a popular Kurdish love story for us in the contribution. At the same time, she encourages us and looks forward to visiting Austria at a later date.

Her concert at Porgy & Bess with the Austrian duo Sain Mus and all the other Kurdish artists will hopefully be made up for 20 September. The Kurdish storytelling evening will take place on 30 September at the Volks-kundemuseum.

Provided that entry from Turkey is possible, we are of course happy to welcome Dengbej Xalide in Vienna. We wish her and her family good health and all the best.

Links: https://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/corona-coronavirus-tuerkei-medizin-versorgung-istanbul-pilger-mekka-1.4869032

COVID-19 hat alle fest im Griff. Wir werden daher vorwiegend unsere Kontakte nutzen und Berichte von Menschen in jenen Ländern teilen, über die in den Medien wenig berichtet wird, und die, wie so oft, wenig gehört und gesehen werden. Denn die Pandemie wird Menschen mit geringem Einkommen in Ländern mit geringem Einkommen am härtesten Treffen.
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