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CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH on 22.10.22

Die Welt in Wien: CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH - Mit Selbst-Ironie und Witz gegen Klischees - YouTube

Climate-friendly, cool, diverse & if necessary perverse! - was the motto of the CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH festival, which took place on October 21 and 22 at the Kulturhaus Brotfabrik. Whether with stand up comedy, meme workshop, concerts, or even community cooking - CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH was about reflecting on internalized social clichés and also laughing about them. An event by Kulturen in Bewegung, co-curated by the Forum Team (Asma Aiad, Petz Haselmayer, Ivana Marjanović, Negin Rezaie) and in cooperation with Kulturhaus Brotfabrik.