Affirmation Toilet

Performative Lab
Smashing Wor(l)ds

New date: Thursday, December 16 2021, 18:00
FreiRäumchen/Queer Base


In the second installation by Queer Base within the Smashing Wor(l)ds projet, they will give yet another birth to the previously re-imagined non-functional toilet with an affirmation wall and transform the artistic concept and manifestation into a functional one. Queer Base radical care work transpires in a multifaceted way and one of them is the Buddy Cafe, a fellowship program that aims intentionally in creating and holding softer space for queer folks with experience of seeking asylum and refugee, to come and practice their German-speaking skill where they are held with radical softness. Such space dismantles the weaponization of language as a tool to discriminate and othered them, it is an affirmation space that sees folks with their full dignity and in a way how they define and see dignity for them.   

The installation of "Affirmation Toilet", on that same floor where such kindness manifests weekly, will open another portal filled with healing. The artist group will do another artwork and invite folks that come through the space and offer the toilet for them to manifest artistically. For the opening of the "Affirmation Toilet" there will be a performance from a performing artist / activist / advocate.

Background: Re-imagining the traumatic experience of queer folks in the toilet where they are exposed to uncensored queerphobia that manifests in text. By re-creating these high schools prototype none functional toilets and installing one at our exhibition space. 
One side of the wall be filled with affirming words, phrases, and poems with different languages and on the other side of the wall, the artists will do artistic manifestation from these affirming words, phrases, and poems. Leaving the third wall blank where participants do their own reflection from these two walls.

Registration: cecile.balbous(a)
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