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© Irene Martínez & Andrea Parra


Comedy, Performance, Concert & Party

Fr., 06./Sa., 07. Oktober 2023
Kulturhaus Brotfabrik 
Absberggasse 27, Stiege 3, 1100 Wien

Admission: pay as you can
Presale: eventbrite.at 


cool, diverse & if necessary perverse

CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH aims to once again make a difference in the lives of all of us, dealing with the challenges of the climate crisis, inflation, the aftermath of colonialism, states of war, and various forms of struggles this year. Feeling daunted? Don't worry, because CLIŠHÉ TRÄSH tackles it all with flair and a hearty dose of humor.

Friday, 06.10.23

16:30 Träsh Session
Gathering & Discussion about curation as a collective
Keynotes: Denice Bourbon (PCCC), Zuzana Ernst (Brunnenpassage & D/Arts), Dilan Sengül (D/Arts), Elke Smodics (trafo.K) 
registration requested
19:30 Comedy: Zoe Gudović aka. Zed Zeldich Zed, Esra Özmen, Toxische Pommes
21:00 Performance: UÝRA (Artist in Residence)
22:00 DJ: Ironica los Culos
Moderation: Esra Özmen

Saturday, 07.10.23
13:00 Gemma Reumann!
Discussion & art workshop about life in Favoriten
- with Nargol Gharahshir und Gizem Gerdan
registration requested
15:00 Children's program: Reading Candy Licious
19:30 Comedy: Wurstaufschnitt, G‘sindl
21:00 Concert: Ivo Dimchev
22:00 Party in the foyer
Moderation: Denice Bourbon

Why clichés?
Clichés can be a trashy and funny way to endure everyday life to laugh at ourselves and life. But clichés can also hurt and create hierarchies (which gets on our nerves). With wit and irony we are walking on thin ice: who is laughing at whom, and how does our affiliation affect our sense of humor? With the Clišhe Träsh program, we tear apart and distort, recycle and dispose stereotypes with plenty of (self-)irony and wit.

Clišhe Träsh is a collectively curated festival, by Kulturen in Bewegung, co-curated by the Forum team (Asma Aiad, Petz Haselmayer, Ivana Marjanović, Negin Rezaie) and in cooperation with Kulturhaus Brotfabrik.