Fem*Friday #14 alyona alyona (UKR) & W1ZE (ZWE/AT)

Concerts and Artist Talk
moderated by Mascha Peleshko

03.06.2022, Doors: 6.30 pm, Start: 7.30 pm
Sargfabrik OPEN AIR
Goldschlagstraße 169, 1140 Wien


Текст українською  Дивись нижче  


Fem*Friday #14 brings two artists on stage who have one thing in common - breaking norms. The hip-hop artist alyona alyona is a role model for many people in Ukraine and beyond its borders, not only because of her music, but also because of her socio-political messages. Since Ukraine is attacked by Putin, alyona alyona does everything to support the people of Ukraine and stands up for the freedom of her country.

W1ZE is an emerging artist and singer from Zimbabwe living in Vienna. She has created her own standards for her genre-crossing music, just as she has for her life. Besides her passion for music, W1ZE aspires to play a big role in terms of inclusion in the music industry. "Accepting yourself is the most difficult but also the most important step, after that comes the rest," the singer explains.

The Artist Talk will be moderated by Mascha Peleshko.
Mascha Peleshko is a freelance creative in Vienna and a native of Ukraine moving between film, music, performance, text and art.

Fem*Friday is a music and art project by kulturen in bewegung/VIDC that puts queer feminist artists* in the spotlight.

Support Ticket: € 30 (€ 15 per Ticket go to Train of Hope - Refugee Aid)
Standard Ticket: € 15
Soli-Ticket: € 10 (for people who are currently in a financially challenging situation)
Free of charge: Refugees, regardless of their status
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Текст українською

Fem*Friday #14 alyona alyona (UKR) & W1ZE (ZWE/AT)
Konzerte und Artist Talk  *Концерти і Ток-артистів
03.06.2022 р., Вхід о 18:30 год., початок концерту о 19:30 год.
Sargfabrik OPEN AIR
Goldschlagstraße 169, 1140 Wien

Fem*Friday #14 виводить на сцену двох артисток, які мають одну спільну рису – порушувати норми.

Артистка-виконавиця хіп-хоп  alyonaalyona  - приклад для багатьох людей не тільки в Україні, але й за кордоном, і не лише через її музику, а ще й на підставі її суспільно-політичних послань. З того часу, як Путін напав на Україну, alyona alyona робить все для підтримки людей в Україні, і відстоює свободу своєї країни.
W1ZE  - артистка початківець і співачка з Зімбабве, що проживає у Відні. Для своєї музики, що охоплює усі жанри, вона створила свої власні норми, так само, як і для свого життя. Поруч з її пристрастю до музики W1ZE прагне до того, щоб відігравати важливу роль в музичній індустрії. "Акцептувати саму себе є найважчою частиною, але також і самими важливим кроком, а тільки потім слідує решта» заявляє співачка.
Fem*Friday це музичний і мистецький проект про Культури у русі/VIDC, який ставить феміністок-квір у центр уваги на сцені.


Квиток підтримки
: € 30 (€ 15 від одного квитка відраховуються до Train of Hope – допомога біженцям)
Стандартний квиток: € 15
Квиток-Soli: € 10 (для осіб, що на даний час знаходяться у скрутному фінансовому стані)
Безкоштовно: люди, що мають статус біженця, шукаючих притулку чи  допомоги.

alyona alyona (read more)

alyona alyona's live carrier started in 2019, though she makes hip-hop music for more than 10 years. The young kindergarden teacher from a small town near Kyiv became the overnight hip-hop sensation. alyona alyona raps in her native language Ukrainian. Massive, dynamic drive put to dark, pumping beats. alyona alyona is a role model in Ukraine - her videos, in which she proudly dances as the queen of the street in front of the housing projects of her hometown Baryshivka, or stages herself as a fairytale matriarch in a dystopian world, have millions of viewers.

alyona alyona does without bling and pomp. In her songs, she prefers to talk about images of women beyond the usual beauty clichés ("Ribki") or young adults who bemoan the situation in Ukraine and leave the country ("Salischaju swij dim"). She’s a pop artist who’s grounded, having worked at the supermarket checkout and as a make-up saleswoman before becoming an educator and studying psychology. Now she no longer delivers her message - informative and often humorous - as a preschool teacher, but as a  powerful rap performer.

Since Ukraine is attacked by Putin alyona alyona does everything possible to support the people in the Ukraine and stands up for the freedom of her country.

W1ZE (read more)

“To conform” is something you will not find the upcoming singer known as W1ZE doing anytime soon or better said never. The young Zimbabwean has arrived to show us that you don’t really have to conform to anyone’s standards but your own.
At the age of 16 she started recording herself on her phone. What started out as curiosity and fun quickly turned into a desire.

During a period of time W1ZE struggled to find a genre to call her own, her influences varied from Chaka Khan and Prince to Beyoncé and FKA Twigs. She loves experimenting with sounds and melodies, including different elements that are enchanting and colorful.
Describing her music as chameleonic might sound mystifying at first but taking a closer look into the artists roots you will quickly realize that owning your identity while giving yourself enough space to be as diverse as possible is very important to W1ZE. With a mix of Zimbabwean, German, Indian and Malaysian her art reflects her identity.

Besides her passion for music W1ZE aspires to play a big role regarding inclusivity in the music industry. “Accepting yourself is the hardest yet the most crucial step after that the rest will follow”, the singer proclaims.

Mascha Peleshko

Mascha Peleshko is a freelance creative in Vienna and a native of Ukraine moving between film, music, performance, text and art.
As a one-woman show, she mixes the personal, the funny, the tragic and the political.
Mascha has also been involved in several charitable causes, most recently with a fundraiser for Kyiv evacuations and as a volunteer translator and companion for Ukrainian refugees.